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GRC roofing products revival

GRC roofing products

I was interviewed by Roofing Today Magazine in January 2020 (Issue 86 -page 46) about our improved GRC roofing products.

The interview explains how since taking over at Rock Roofing Products we have massively improved the quality of the GRC roofing products we produce. We’ve improved the GRC mix, redesigned all the existing products and extended the range with thicker moulds. To finish things off we’ve improved the packaging.

Others had given GRC a bad name, but with all our improvements we aim to show that our quality GRC ridge tiles, crested ridges and finials are a superior product that roofers and home owners will love.

“We can now re-create any design, colour match it and reproduce it perfectly out of GRC. our aim is to bring these special, ornamental roof decorations within reach and help transform an ordinary roof design into something distinctive and beautiful”

For the full interview checkout Roofing Today Magazine Issue 86 – January 2020 (Page 46).

John Ratcliffe


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