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Bespoke manufactured ridge to match original

We were asked if we could assist with a gentleman who wanted just 3 of these Cathedral style ridge tiles as he was having great difficulty trying to source these products for over 10 weeks.

We quickly got to work and after a little time with the specials team we came up with our own version.

We also created a bespoke colour match to suit the originals and we were all impressed with the results.

Do you have an un usual ridge that you can’t source and need a match?

Contact us for a discussion as we can reproduce the vast majority of styles of crested ridge tiles.

Another Rock Roofing delivery outbound


It’s been a busy week

We have had a busy week down in Leigh which has involved getting plenty of orders packed and out on the courier.

We thought we would share as we love the way our new packaging looks.

It now gives us the feeling of becoming a brand as the company grows and moves forward.

We do as much as we can in the way we now pack our products to make sure they get to you in good condition.

Onwards and upwards for Rock Roofing Products…

New Rock Roofing wrapping

After waiting nearly 3 months, our newly designed packaging arrived.

This is a great step forward as it offers our customers greater protection of our products instead of the shrink wrap we used and we all get less dizzy in the factory from wrapping.

These new hoods shrink down and tighten after being heated. They include a QR code either side of the LOGO which links directly to our website.

We immediately got to work and used the new packaging and loaded our courier and were very happy with the results.

We now await some waterproof UV stable stickers to identify our products.

Rock D
ry Fix

Dry Fix now as standard. Rock Roofing are proud to have designed our own dry fix system for crested ridge tiles.
Not many are aware that this is an option.

We carefully score our crested ridge tiles 4 times on the necks and create slides were our H section clips can be installed. Battens are then raised underneath our products and screws are used to fix the ends down after utilising our ventilated dry ridge roll.

The outcome is an aesthetically pleasing installation.

Our Plain angled ridges are generally fixed with dry ridge kits and after a meeting with our design team and some consideration from the directors we now pre-drill as standard our capped angled ridge tiles around 50mm down from the collared side.
This forces pressure on the opposing plain end.

Bat vented ridges

After requests from our customers asking if we could manufacture homes for Bats we got to work with some designs.

We are happy to report that we have supplied around 100 products for SIG Roofing on a site in Wales.

We also have supplied some Bat slates and Bat vent ridges, the most recent being on our 105 capped angled ridge tiles.

We hope the bats are attracted and use the products to nest in.

Our Specials team can work wonders with our GRC products.

GRC roofing products

I was interviewed by Roofing Today Magazine in January 2020 (Issue 86 -page 46) about our improved GRC roofing products.

The interview explains how since taking over at Rock Roofing Products we have massively improved the quality of the GRC roofing products we produce. We’ve improved the GRC mix, redesigned all the existing products and extended the range with thicker moulds. To finish things off we’ve improved the packaging.

Others had given GRC a bad name, but with all our improvements we aim to show that our quality GRC ridge tiles, crested ridges and finials are a superior product that roofers and home owners will love.

“We can now re-create any design, colour match it and reproduce it perfectly out of GRC. our aim is to bring these special, ornamental roof decorations within reach and help transform an ordinary roof design into something distinctive and beautiful”

For the full interview checkout Roofing Today Magazine Issue 86 – January 2020 (Page 46).

John Ratcliffe


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